An idea from the depth of the heart

The idea is for one minute every 6 hours to connect silently as human beings around the world with an open heart to every living and being, no matter which nation, religion or what belief you belong to.

This experiment is designed to enable a connection beyond our breakups, daily conflicts, and obviously violent global behaviors.

*reference is 12am/6am/12pm and 6pm CET

Perhaps the mere reminder that we are all human, “earthlings,” living, sentient, and sometimes struggling inwardly and outwardly, can create a field of togetherness, wisdom, intelligence, and caring without boundaries.

A field of wisdom

We can organize and start this experiment using all our global networks to spread the invitation to as many people as possible.

Keep it simple: when you need to work or attend to a task, just connect internally for a minute. If you can take a break from your task or focus fully on our global field of being for that time, please do so.

How manage?

Translate this text into your native language and set your mobile phone or other timer every 6 hours (except during your sleep phase) in relation to CET.

A few words about the background of this invitation

As Human Resources Manager in a psychosomatic inpatient company, I was responsible for inspiring our corporate culture and communication.

We have experimented with interrupting polarized and heated conversations with the sound of a singing bowl and the instruction to let go of what separates us – as best we could – and to focus on our connection and alignment, to serve the task we were dealing with as a field of shared wisdom.

I handed this idea and experience to the former President of the Bundestag and asked him to stop very aggressive discussions and remind all MPs that their common task is to serve the good of all. He wrote back that he liked the idea but could not implement it for organizational reasons. Now they have started to practice…

As I sat in meditation, sensing our global field of separation and conflicting interests, while realizing the potential of our global network and connection, I became aware of this possibility of a simple invitation to remember our humanity.

If this makes sense to you too and you would like to help make it a reality, please use your social media, networks and direct connections to spread the word and get involved.

There is a wonderful text from Indian wisdom about this attitude:

I have one song and you have another.
Everyone has a song.
There is a psalm hidden in the treasury of the soul,
that is not sung aloud.
You and I can make it resound inwardly, stretching a string from the heart to the mind.
So we sing the world quietly up to heaven.

Thank you, with a curious and open heart to all of you.


We’d love to hear from you in the comments about your personal experience with the “silent healing minutes”.

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